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Start your life in style. Unique living 1 + kk or 2 + kk vbloku brings high standard thanks to shared spaces. Even you can have all the comfort you need in the lucrative Prague district. You do not have to compromise on your taste, you will get a modern design unit in a prestigious location of Prague 5 - Malvazinky for an extraordinary price.

There is no time for boredom. The city center is within easy reach – and not only the center. On foot, by subway, by bus, by tram, and even by train – everything will be close to you. There are shops, services and nature. Venture out towards new experiences, such as sports! But beware, right in the house you have a fitness center, TV room, relax zone with fireplace, garden with barbecue and a place for gardening. What are you waiting for?

Live your life the way you wish. Give your ideas a chance, because at the beginning of all wonderful things there is always an idea. The idea of unconventional living vbloku can easily become part of your reality. You don't want to fall in gray, do you?

Make no compromises – you shape your own life!

vbloku - interiér
The Most Affordable Living in Prague 5
Perfect transport accessibility:
metro 7 minutes,
train 5 minutes,
bus 3 minutes,
tram 7 minutes
Common areas: lobby, garden (incl. Grill), community garden for growing herbs and vegetables, TV room
non-stop reception,
drying room,
fitness room,
TV room
Attractive location of Prague 5 Malvazinky
Near greenery: Kosire Nature Park - Motol, Vidoule Nature Park
Housing with beautiful views of Prague

Services and common areas

More than just furnishing you with experiences? Do you long for background, but do you want to be bound by things around you? You want to be independent, but do you have a lot of friends? Housing vbloku opens the door to your own home. You'll get a place for yourself and shared spaces for your entire party and the neighborhood community. Entertainment is provided by the TV room, for example, to watch your favorite series on a large screen. Relaxation zone with fireplace promises well-being with a touch of romance. You can also enjoy in the garden with barbecue facilities and a terrace. Outside there is also a community garden for growing herbs and vegetables. Do you want to garden? You can. You can do anything. Don't be limited

You will not find more affordable housing in Prague with such a range of options for your comfort, entertainment, relaxation and sport. What to spend on joining a fitness center when you can have a shared gym right in the house? Why search for a washing machine and dryer when shared laundry is available? The reception will complete the perfect service of the vbloku project. All this at a price you won't believe.


Malvazinky - this is a popular location in Prague 5. Why live here? Because it's great here. You get it from there everywhere - on foot, by car, but also by MHD. You have a bus stop 3 minutes from the house and you get it from here to Anděl in 10 minutes by MHD. Or by car in 5 minutes. By walking 7 minutes on the subway (both Radlická and Jinonice) or on the tram or train station. It's just a short walk everywhere. A great place to live is also because of the close surroundings, which offers maximum comfort. Greenery, shops, sports, all this is at your disposal. Welcome to vbloku.

Prices of units

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Floors above ground:
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Red block - Free units: 1
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Green block - Free units: 71
Floors above ground:
Free units: 71
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purchasing and financing

Verbal reservation

Verbal reservation

After deciding to purchase a flat, we will reserve unite selected by the client for 48 hours.

Reservation agreement

Reservation agreement

Blue blok:
Within 48 hours of the oral reservation, the buyer will conclude a reservation agreement with the party selling the agreement with a validity of two months and the buyer will pay a reservation deposit of CZK 50,000 within three business days. Within one month of signing the reservation agreement, the buyer pays a surcharge of up to 10% of the purchase price as a second deposit.

Red blok:
Within 48 hours of the oral reservation, the party concludes the reservation agreement with the party selling the contract with the validity until 31.12.2019 and the buyer pays a reservation deposit of CZK 50,000 within three working days. Within one month of signing the reservation agreement, the buyer pays a surcharge of up to 10% of the purchase price as a second deposit and within 3 months another 10% as a third deposit up to a total of 20% of the purchase price.

Preliminary purchase contract

Signing the purchase contract

Blue blok:
The Purchase Agreement will be signed before the expiration of the reservation agreement and the client will pay the remaining purchase price.

Purchase contract

Purchase contract

Red blok:
The Signing of the Purchase Agreement shall take place no later than 31.12.2019 and the Client shall pay the remaining part of the purchase price.

Handover of the unit

Handover of the unit

Blue blok:
After signing the purchase contract and paying the full purchase price, the unit will be handed over.

Red blok:
Expected handover deadline at the end of 2019.

Information for foreign clients:

The restriction on the purchase of units for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer valid. These clients can now also buy a unit as a private individual.


— FREE processing of mortgage loan
— FREE processing of property expert opinion
— LOWER interest rate
— The possibility of extraordinary payments of up to 70 % of the loan collateral value without a penalty
— All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income.


vbloku interiér


Vbloku is a unique project, just like each of our customers is unique to us. If you have any questions regarding the project, write to us and we will answer you forthwith.


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